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June’s Stock Buys – AAPL Update

June’s Stock Buys – AAPL Update

Just a quick note to those who are following my Best Stocks to Buy Now June 2014 post. That post came out on June 5th, during which I stated that AAPL looked like a good short-term momentum play, capable of posting a 3-4% run later this month. Since that post, AAPL is up around 3.6%, and has been flat over the past few days. I believe the momentum run is over, so if you were looking for the quick trade, it is time to take your profit and move onto greener pastures.

This is not to say that I advocate selling AAPL if you are long. I have been long AAPL for awhile and plan to keep holding, but I plan to do so based on the merits of the company and its stock rather than for the momentum. If you were here for the quick flip, take your 3.5% for a week’s “work” and move on to the next investment.

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