Do Not Fall for the Yahoo Trap: An Investment to Avoid

Yahoo! (YHOO) has gotten a lot of attention this year with its new CEO Marissa Mayer and increasing revenues. In turn, YHOO has more than doubled up since the beginning of the year. However, this is a false hope. YHOO is at the top of my list of investments to avoid right along with BBUY. In this article, I will ... Read More »

Best Dividend Stocks of 2014: My Top 5 Picks

As I have been writing about dividend stocks a lot lately, I wanted to provide a few more recommendations by discussing the top dividend stocks of 2014. These stocks are good to purchase now, hold over time, and slowly add to as you save more money. As mentioned in my investing in dividend stocks post, be sure to sign up ... Read More »

Barnes & Noble Still Has Zero Potential

I do not know why I do this to myself, but once in awhile I head over to a certain website to see what other commentators are saying about stocks. One story was just too good to ignore: Barnes & Noble is going to have a turn around. No, no they are not. They still have zero potential. In fact, ... Read More »

The Power of DRIPs: Dividend Reinvestment Programs

In my article on investing in dividend stocks, I mentioned that anyone investing in a dividend stock should be sure to sign up for a Dividend Reinvestment Program, also known as a DRIP. Since DRIPs are so important to successfully investing in dividend stocks, I wanted to dedicated a separate post to DRIPs to discuss exactly what they are, how ... Read More »

Investing in Dividend Stocks: Minimize Risk, Maximize Profit

Dividend stocks are stocks that pay shareholders a regular payment, called a dividend, for each share they hold. This is a way for shareholders of a company to enjoy some of the profits that the company earns. Dividend stocks can be a great investment, but there are a few things you should know about dividend stocks that will allow you ... Read More »

The Future Of Each Stock Sector

I often espouse upon the importance of understanding the direction the world is headed. In other words, you never want to invest in a company with a business model in decline. While some advanced traders may have luck riding a declining industry (such as those who invested in BBY early in 2013 and sold in the last month), this is ... Read More »

How I Would Invest in Stocks If I Just Started Today

In this post,  I wanted to discuss how I would invest my money in stocks if I was just starting out today. I am operating under the assumption that you have at least $5000 to invest. If you had between $1000 and $5000, I would put $1000 into each stock in the order that the stocks appear on the list ... Read More »

Apple’s (AAPL) Hot November Is Just The Beginning

Apple (AAPL) had a hot November, up 6.3% in November of 2013. However, I believe this run is just beginning. If you follow this blog, you would know that on October 18th I sold my shares of GOOG and bought AAPL at $507. While I could sell today for a quick 10% profit, I believe that AAPL is just near ... Read More »

Amazon’s (AMZN) Octocopter Could Revolutionize eCommerce

Last night on 60 Minutes, Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled their plans for using octopter drones to deliver packages. That’s right, Amazon is planning to use aerial drones to carry and drop off packages at your house after placing an order on Amazon. This technology could completely reinvent eCommerce and truly be the proverbial nail in the coffin for ... Read More »

Making Money Online With Google Adsense

From time to time, I take a break from investing articles and discuss different strategies for making money online. The purpose of these articles is to provide potential investors with means for making additional income to use for investing. Even if you are an excellent investor, you will need a lot of starting capital in order to generate meaningful returns. ... Read More »