The Top 3 Growth Stocks of 2014, Revisited

On January 10th, 2014, I made a post entitled “Top 2014 Growth Stocks to Invest In: High Fliers Rising Higher“. Despite these picks being made only a little over two months ago, some of these stocks have already moved significantly in price. Given that we are not even one-fourth of the way through the year, I wanted to revisit these ... Read More »

The Case for AAPL Long: Why Apple Propping Up Their Stock Through Buybacks Is A Good Thing

One of the biggest criticisms I hear from Apple (AAPL) bears is that AAPL would be a lot lower trading a lot lower today if Apple was not “propping up the stock” through steady buybacks. As an AAPL long, I am here to say that I am perfectly okay with AAPL being propped by buybacks. Not only am I okay ... Read More »

Best Stocks to Buy Now: March 2014’s Hottest Stocks

stocks to buy now july 2014

Every month, I round up at least three of the best-priced stocks post them along with justification for why these make great buys. This recurring column also discusses the previous month’s hot stocks and whether or not they are still attractively priced. We are already in the second trading week in March 2014, so it is time to post what ... Read More »

How to Make Money Online through Fiverr is a relatively new website where people buy and sell services for 5$. Most of the jobs (or “gigs” as jobs are referred to on the site) are just for fun things, such as writing custom greetings, creating songs, or making gag gifts for one-time buyers. Anyone can go on Fiverr to browse the categories of gigs being offered ... Read More »

Google Takes a Bite of the Online Real Estate Business (GOOG, Z)

Earlier this week, Google (GOOG) bought a minority stake in online real estate auction broker This deal involves Google paying $50 million for a 1/24th stake in Perhaps a bit surprisingly, this investment was based on having a valuation of $1.2 billion. It should be noted that this investment was made as part of Google Capital (Google’s ... Read More »

March 2014 How to Invest HQ Portfolio Update & Purchase

The How to Invest HQ portfolio is a free public stock portfolio that can be viewed in full here. Each month, I add approximately $1,000 to real positions in the stock market and publish the results in this column. March has arrived and I have already made this month’s purchase: Zillow (NASDAQ: Z). I decided to go ahead with the ... Read More »

Facebook (FB) Purchases WhatsApp for $19 Billion: Analysis

Facebook (FB) has announced a deal to acquire the popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp for a whopping $19B in a deal announced yesterday afternoon. The deal has shocked many investors and laymen alike as many have never heard of WhatsApp let alone believed that a tech company of this value could go under the radar for so long. In this ... Read More »

Potbelly Corp (PBPB) Q4 2013 Report: Earnings Top Estimates, Revenue Disappoints

Potbelly Corp (NASDAQ: PBPB) reported earnings for Q4 2013 today, posting revenue of $74.8 million and a diluted earnings per share of $.06. Since PBPB is a stock held by the How to Invest HQ portfolio, I wanted to share my thoughts and analysis of this report. Disappointing Revenue, Mixed Quarter While earnings came in ahead of the expected $.04 ... Read More »

Zillow (Z) Q4 2013 Earnings – Breaking Down the Numbers

Zillow reported record earnings on Wednesday, bringing in $58.3 million in revenue and an earnings per share of $.07. This brought the total revenue for Zillow up to $197.5 million, up from $116.85 million in 2012. As a target stock of the How to Invest HQ portfolio and one that I believe is poised for long-term growth, I figured I ... Read More »

Best Stocks to Buy Now: February 2014 Edition

stocks to buy now july 2014

In a new monthly feature on How to Invest HQ, I will be discussing the best stocks to buy right now based on how stocks are currently priced. I expect this to be a monthly recurring post discussing the best priced stocks of the month. In this post, I will be discussing five potential stocks that make great acquisitions as ... Read More »