Top Stocks of 2014 To Avoid, Revisited & Revised

On January 11th, I made a post entitled “Top Stocks to Avoid in 2014 – Stocks Primed to Tank This Year“. In this post, I identified 3 stocks that I believed would not do well over 2014: Best Buy (BBY), J.C. Penney (JCP), and Twitter (TWTR). Less than a month later, from that date to market opening today, here are ... Read More »

The Different Types of Shares: Outstanding, Authorized, And Otherwise

Understanding how shares of stock work along with the different types of shares available is an important aspect of investing. In this article, we will discuss the definition of a share, the different types of shares available, and the importance between these distinctions. Definition of a Share A share of a stock is a unit of ownership in the issuing ... Read More »

LinkedIn (LNKD) Reports Strong Q4 2013, Falls On Weak Guidance

LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) reported its Q4 2013 yesterday afternoon, posting an EPS of $.39 and a total revenue of $447 million. This was actually a solid beat, as analysts expected an EPS $.38 and a revenue of $437.8 million. Despite the strong quarter, the stock fell in after-hours trading. Why the Drop? Guidance issued for Q1 2014 and for the ... Read More »

Investors Finally Discover Twitter is Overvalued, TWTR Drops Nearly 20% in AH

9 million. That is the number of monthly active users Twitter added last quarter as announced in the Q4 2013 earnings report yesterday. It was this number that drove the stock down nearly 20% in after-hours trading. I know many readers were questioning my pick of TWTR as a top stock to avoid in 2014, especially with TWTR slowly running ... Read More »

Stock Market Definitions: Terms Every Investor Should Know

This post will serve as an index of investing terminology. A brief definition and summary of each important stock market term previously discussed on How to Invest HQ can be found on this page. As new posts are made to How to Invest HQ discussing particular terms and their relevance to the average investor, links to these new posts along ... Read More »

How to Invest HQ Portfolio: February 2014 Update & Next Purchase

With February now upon us, it is time for the next installment of the How to Invest HQ Portfolio. In this monthly update, I plan provide a brief update to how past holdings have done over the last month, detail exactly which stock was purchased to add to the portfolio, discuss why this stock was chosen, and finally discuss plans ... Read More »

AAPL’s Pullback Makes A Perfect Buying Opportunity

After reporting earnings last week, AAPL stock shed over 10% as iPhone sales did not grow as much as expected by analysts during the Q1 2014 quarter. Analysts expected Apple to sell around 56 million iPhones, whereas Apple only managed to sell 51 million units. With that said, this was still a sales record for Apple. The previous record for ... Read More »

Earnings Thursday: Chipotle Sizzles, Amazon Disappoints – CMG, AMZN

Two of my favorite stocks and companies, Amazon (AMZN) and Chipotle (CMG) just reported their Q4 2013 earnings. Both capped off what has overall had been an excellent 2013. While Amazon disappointed investors with a small revenue and large earnings miss, Chipotle surprised to the upside with a massive 29% earnings increase over the same quarter of 2012 (coupled with ... Read More »

Why Google (GOOG) Might Be The First Trillion Dollar Company

As touched on briefly in my earlier post, Who Will Be The First Trillion Dollar Company?, GOOG might be the first to a trillion-dollar market cap if Apple is unable to introduce a new successful new product line within the next few years. I have been wanting to do an in-depth post on why Google is well-positioned to increase its earnings by ... Read More »

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Thinks Retail is Dying.. And He Is Right

On the Starbucks (SBUX) conference all last week, CEO Howard Schultz stated that he believes that in spite of growth at Starbucks, retail as a whole is dying as ecommerce is growing. When a highly successful CEO operating a retail business suggests retail is dying, it is worth paying attention to as such a declaration is hardly self-serving. Schultz mentioned ... Read More »