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Stock Market Investing Guides

For every few articles I provide analyzing a particular stock at a particular time, I will post a guide to some aspect of the stock market which transcends the day to day status of a particular company. These include guides covering everything from how to pick the best stocks to analyzing the factors that cause a stock’s price to rise or fall on a daily basis.

Given the nature of blogging, these posts often fall to the wayside as new posts replace these old posts and eventually end up in the site’s archives. Since these articles present a valuable resource to users looking for general investing information, I created this page to provide an easy way of accessing these articles. Below, you will find a list of each of these articles along with a brief description covering what each guide discusses. As I add more articles of this nature, this list will grow in kind.

How to Invest in the Stock Market: My stock-picking manifesto. This is by far my most detailed post and discusses the exact (and unusual) strategy I used to pick winning companies time and time again.

How to Invest $1000 in Stocks or Business: Learn my recommendations for investing $1000. This is a common amount for someone to save up before they start looking for ways of investing the funds. The answer may surprise you as I not only discuss stocks but also how to invest in an online business using your funds.

How to Meaningfully Invest 100 Dollars: Unlike my guides dedicated to larger amounts of money, it just is not worth investing $100 into the stock market. Find out the best way to invest a small sum in this article.

Buying a Stock Before Earnings: The Definitive Guide: Many new investors think that buying a stock before earnings is a quick way to make a buck, but there are inherent risks involved. Watch as I buy a stock in real life before an earnings report and what my potential actions are based on the report.

Stock Market Definitions: A list of important stock market terms and their definitions. Updated regularly.

Best Stocks to Buy Now Archives: Each month, I make a post detailing the best stocks to buy for that particular point in time. These posts highlight great stocks that have had recent pullbacks that represent good buying opportunities. This page serves as an index listing the posts from each month along with the stocks recommended in that particular month.

Different Types of Shares: Learn about the difference between authorized shares, outstanding shares, float, and restricted shares in this guide.

Investing in Small Cap Stocks: This article describes how the price of stock of companies worth under $3B typically acts. These stocks behave much differently than the stocks of larger companies, so this article is something to pay attention to if you want to invest in small caps.

The Different Types of Stocks to Invest In: Categories Defined: Learn about the most common ways to classify stocks and what these classifications mean for you as a potential investor.

Fifteen Stock Market Investing Tips Every Beginner Should Know: Discover a list of 15 tips that can help even the even the newest investor achieve stock market mastery. These lessons are key to your success as an investor over the long haul.

The Importance of Buying Stock on Dips: Buying a stock on its dips is essential for long-term success as an investor. Learn why you should be being on dips and how to do so in this guide.

The Truth About Stock Buybacks: Companies like to pretend that stock buybacks are great for investors, but most of the time they are a waste of funds. I strongly dislike companies that refuse to pay a dividend but issue stock buybacks, especially if those buybacks represent a relatively small portion of the company. Learn why stock buybacks often amount to nothing more than a scam in this post.

How to Invest in Gold: Investing in gold is a great way to hedge against the risk that comes with owning stocks. In this post, I discuss the best methods for investing in gold, how much gold you should own, why you should (or should not) invest in gold, and which ages benefit the most from gold ownership.

What Causes a Stock’s Price to Rise and Fall?: The daily movement of a stock’s price is often mystifying to investors. Learn what exactly causes a stock’s price to go up or down and how you can use this information to your advantage to increase your returns.

What is P/E? What P/E Really Means: The P/E or price to earnings ratio of a stock is perhaps the most important number associated with a stock that every investor should know about before making an investing decision. Failure to take heed of this can result in huge losses for investors. Learn how it works here.

Dealing With A Stock That Misses Earnings: If you are holding a stock and the company misses earnings, what do you do? Do you sell for a loss, hold out and whether the storm, or buy more? Learn the right course of action to take in this post.

Why Investing in Silver is a Bad Idea: Investing in silver is generally a bad idea. Find out why this is not a good investment medium in this informative post.

How to Get Money to Invest in the Stock Market: A simple guide to saving $500 a month that you can use to start up a portfolio for stock investing.

What Are Mutual Funds and Why to Avoid Them: A look at exactly what a mutual fund is and why you would be best off avoiding these money sinks.

What Determines the Price of a Stock?: This article discusses how share price is determined and what this really means for the company you considering for investment.

Understanding a Stock’s Balance Sheet: Discover the six key financial metrics you need to understand in order to objectively evaluate a stock and how to evaluate these metrics in just one minute.

Why I Don’t Invest In Airline Stocks: The top 4 reasons why I would never invest in an airline stock and why you should avoid these stocks.

Websites Are Not Tech Stocks: A guide to explaining how to calculate web-based stocks; these stocks should not be blindly labeled as tech stocks.

How the Stock Market Works: An easy to understand overview of how exactly the stock market works. Learn why businesses sell stock and why investors buy it.

Good Stocks to Invest In: Discover 4 good stocks that you could invest in for a lifetime. These stocks are well positioned to potentially deliver great returns over a period of what could amount to decades.

Best Blue Chip Dividend Paying Stocks to Invest in Now, 2014 Edition: This list of 7 great dividend paying stocks could be used to make a great-paying, relatively safe portfolio. Learn more about these companies here.

Be Wary of High Yield High Dividend Paying Stocks – REITs and Otherwise: A discussion and a warning regarding high-paying dividend stocks. The most common stock in this category, the real estate investment trust (REIT), is discussed in this article.

Stocks vs Bonds vs Mutual Funds – What is Better?: This article discusses the difference between stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, discusses the pros and cons of each, and gives estimated projections and provides scenarios that make each option the best choice.

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